Bloomberg Businessweek reports on a Bay Area Family’s Struggle to sell their home in Oakland

When met with resistance from Wells Fargo Bank on a recent short sale transaction in Oakland California I contacted Karen Weise from Bloomberg Businessweek. Karen wrote a fantastic article about one family’s struggle with Wells Fargo Bank to sell their mother’s Oakland Home. Check out the article in the following link:

Potential Good News for Bay Area Real Estate Sellers

Motivated by low interest rates and falling prices the number of buyers for Bay Area Homes is rising. Though this has not yet translated into rising home prices for Alameda County we are seeing multiple offer situations in many desirable Bay Area neighborhoods. When buyers compete for homes sellers find themselves in a strong position to negotiate real estate transactions. If the number of homes on the market stays constant I am expecting rising home values in the Bay Area throughout the Spring and Summer of 2012.

Article below includes information and statistics on Bay Area Real Estate Markets through Q1 of 2012: